Jon Broderick – Ultimate Metronome

Jon Broderick – Ultimate Metronome

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There is a quick and easy way to speed up your musical practice.

Can you imagine what a huge rush it will be when you can pick up your guitar or sit down at the piano and play?

The Ultimate Metronome is a great find as a former drummer who now plays guitar. The Ultimate Metronome gradually speeds up, making learning riffs and exercises more productive. I am ready for the performances.

Patrick True is from Santa Cruz, California.

Dear fellow musician.

Do you always look forward to practicing? I used to have the same problem.

We have to practice if we want to be able to perform an exciting solo on stage.

When you have your chops under control, the tempo is no problem for you, and you can just soar and pour your soul into the music, and the crowd goes wild!

Getting better isn’t just about banging out hours of practice. What do you do? And. How do you practice? I don’t know if that matters.

I’m going to ask you something about your practice.

  1. Do you set specific goals for yourself?
  2. Do you meet those goals?
  3. Do you regularly do exercises to keep your fingers warmed up and your technique rock-solid?
  4. Do you try new things so that you can expand your skillset?

Do you follow me?

Most people practice the inefficient way. They are playing songs and riffs in a random way. It can be comforting, but it is not the most productive way to practice.

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If you want to achieve your goals, and have the fans cheering you and high-fiving you after an awesome set in which you were on fire because you had technique down solid, then you need some serious practice tools.

Most metronomes don’t speed up to make progress in your warm-up.

But mine does! Let me explain.


You have to carefully read each and every word of this page. You will learn how to take your musical skills to the next level and the one above that one.

Top dogs who can pick up a guitar and jam, or sit down at the piano and boogie like there is no tomorrow, have always been the ones having all the fun playing wildly creative solo and whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Until now!

Has this ever happened to you?

You are confident on stage for your gig. You know the songs and then it happens.

Then you get flustered and blow your solo. Maybe you cover it up so that you don’t get noticed.

It happened because of your practice system.

  1. Never stretches or pushes your skills ABOVE AND BEYOND what you need onstage
  2. Doesn’t introduce any new tricks or techniques into your repertoire
  3. Is just plain boring…it’s the same old stuff you’ve played for the last 2 years

When your confidence plummets and you start to sweat before you even start your gig, it isn’t a sinking feeling.

It happened to me. It happened a lot.

It wasn’t helping me as much as it should.

I had to get better.

I was so frustrated that I wanted to scream, yet I wasn’t improving much.

When it came time for fast, up-tempo songs, I spent so much mental energy working to keep up that I had nothing left to pour into it.

I had to do something.

I ran and talked to people on the board. We came up with a solution that you will love.

The tough spots go perfectly when you play a gig.

Your fingers are moving.

You don’t have to worry about keeping up when your drummer goes crazy.

You have room to express yourself outrageously because you are keeping up easily.

Everyone is smiling and offering to buy you drinks when you come off the stage.

You look forward to practicing the next day because numbers never lie. You can see your progress in the numbers.

You can be a star. When you build your chops to a high level. It is a fact of life.

Along with that, I come in. I designed a new software.

Jon Broderick is my name. I want to show you that you might change your life.

New Metronome Lets You…

  1. Speed up your practice without pausing to reset the metronome
  2. Speed drill—90% of all other metronomes lack this critical feature!
  3. Program X beats-per-minute of increase in tempo every Y seconds—you choose the numbers!
  4. Practice crazy time signatures like 9/8,5/4, or whatever!
  5. Choose cool sounds like bass, snare, hh, cow bell, wood block…not just dull clicks!
  6. See visual beat indicators as well as hear audible ones
  7. IMPROVE—fast!
  8. Makes practice FUN again…like it should be!
Click Here For a Video Tour of the Ultimate Metronome

How did we come up with this amazing?

And Unique Metronome?

You might still be skeptical of the unique metronome software that is available on Clickbank. Let me tell you our story.

I am a professional musician.

I run a website for musicians.

We were talking about how to make practicing easier and more enjoyable.

A few of us came up with the idea of a metronome.

It was very good. One of my members promised to keep his membership longer if he had to use the metronome.

He said he would be willing to pay $5 a month to use that metronome.

The thing I most appreciate on this site is the metronome. I will upgrade my account forever if I never take it away.

—J.T., USA

Here comes the good part.

You can own this exclusive.

It will be a new proven Metronome.

Take your skills to the stallion and beyond.

So what is the cost for this amazing resource?

Last time I checked, even if you could get one of the few metronomes on the market with speed control, it would set you back at least $100 or more.

The other option is for you to pay a lot of hourly fees to the teachers who will keep track of your progress and speed you up as you go along.

None of these options seemed fair to me. I am on the side of the little guy. We already have to work hard to keep up with the drummer.

I figured out a way to give you a real bargain for a limited time.

Wait, there is more!

There are 6 free bonuses worth $100.

When you buy Ultimate Metronome!, I will give you 6 special bonuses, free of charge.

You can look at what you get for free.

  1. Free Bonus Gift #1: Learn to Read Music ,” a 9-page ebook. No more staring blankly at the sheet music—this is a very straightforward, easy to understand primer on reading sheet music A $10 value, yours FREE!
  2. Free Bonus Gift #2: Learn to Play Classical Guitar ,” a 65-page ebook. Learn from the ground up, or expand your ability to play real classical style guitar . A $15 value, yours FREE!
  3. Free Bonus Gift #3: Improving Your Piano Playing ,” a 12-page pdf. Chock-full of terrific piano tools—includes scale exercises, mixed rhythm drills, crossing drills, swing, blues and ragtime exercises. A $20 value, yours FREE!
  4. Free Bonus Gift #4: Improving Your Guitar Playing ,” a 15-page pdf. Amazing collection of must-have guitar tools— includes string skipping, sweep picking, pedal point and alternate voice exercises. A $20 value, yours FREE!
  5. Free Bonus Gift #5: Easy Chord ,” an ultra-convenient windows app for looking up guitar chords. Puts every chord at your fingertips, instantly! Yours FREE!
  6. Free Bonus Gift #6: Scale Tool ,” a super-handy windows app for looking up scales on keyboard and fretboard. Puts every scale right at your fingertips, instantly! Yours FREE!

There is a limited-time offer.

You have to order now.

Ultimate Metronome It’s available to you right now. For only $19.95!

I said it was not a mistake. $19.95 a month. ! I am serious!

Right now, I am offering it for a very low price.

I will raise the price to $24.95, $29.95, or something else. I don’t know if it will be tomorrow or in a few hours.

Do not come back tomorrow and be upset that you have to pay more.


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Thank you for shopping with us!

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