TTC Video – Fundamentals of Photography II

TTC Video – Fundamentals of Photography II

TTC Video – Fundamentals of Photography II

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Fundamentals of Photography II TTC Video – Fundamentals of Photography II

There is more to great photography than knowing how f-stops work. It is about problem solving under real-world conditions. Taking great photographs requires knowing how to choose the right tool or how to use a technique in the best possible way. A solid foundation of technical skills and the ability to apply that knowledge to a wide range of scenarios and subjects is required for photographers who wish to excel. For example: Hide the full description.

Professional photographers anticipate and capture the decisive moment that separates a snapshot from a great composition. Under what conditions should you ignore your camera’s warnings and push the limits of manual mode to best reflect the scene? What are the technical tricks and equipment that professionals use to quickly turn harsh lighting, reflections, or cluttered environments to a photographer’s advantage?

By using the same skills, tips, and techniques that professional photographers use in the field, you can take your photography to a whole new level. You can change yourself from a good photographer to a great one.

Fundamentals of Photography II is a vital continuation of our best-selling Fundamentals of Photography and will help you hone your skills, improve your ability to capture jaw-dropping images, and more. Filmed entirely on location and designed as an extension of the first course, Fundamentals II adds new skills and expands upon the skills you already know. If you want to learn more about the secrets of powerful photography and how to apply your hard-learned technical knowledge to take amazing photographs in the real world, this is the event for you. You will cover advanced topics in these 24 lessons.

The shooting techniques are professional. Night photography and time exposures. Taking studio lighting setup outdoors. Specialty filters. Shoot over and under water. And a lot more!

You will explore a wide variety of fascinating photographic challenges out in the field, and you will spend some time in the studio for an inside look at how photographers go through the editing process. Professor Sartore will add more tools to your photographer’s toolkit and cover the gamut of what you can do with a still camera.

Out of the studio and into the real world.

The course is a follow up to the popular Fundamentals of Photography course. Fundamentals II takes you out of the studio and into the real world as you learn to apply the tools and techniques you already have at your disposal. He teaches you a lot of advanced techniques while you are there. Each lesson lets you shoot alongside a master of the craft as he approaches situations, identifies and overcomes various challenges, and produces engaging, breathtaking photography from seemingly simple events and subjects.

If photography is the art of capturing light, how do you make the best of situations that challenge you with difficult lighting? Learn how to properly use side lighting, ghost lighting, colored lighting, and more.

Get it immediately. The video is called Fundamentals of Photography II. There is a unique mood to black-and-white photos. You will be surprised at how different the world is when you choose black and white.

Most of us now take photographs with our phones every day, but that’s no excuse to forget the art of great photography. There are some tips and strategies for making the most of your phone camera.

You will get the chance to join Professor Sartore on special field assignments, observe a master photographer throughout his creative process, consult his photographic instincts, and resolve common challenges in order to tell profound, poetic stories.

Add to your photographer’s toolkit.

If you already have a good set of photographic tips and tricks, Fundamentals of Photography II will give you even more. Professor Sartore says that great photography takes more tools. He packed each of the lessons with specific strategies that will surprise you with how quickly they can change the way you take photographs.

If you want to capture a moving target in low ambient light, you can use rear-curtain sync, which will flash at the end of the shutter duration. An artistic motion trail will record the movement of the subject with a sharp and highly focused subject at the end. It’s not like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it Are you looking for an aerial perspective on your subject? If you want to look down on the subject from your standing height, you have to cut out the frame of reference. For subjects with geometric or graphic patterns, this works well. It’s not like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it When the sun sets, do you think your chances of taking great outdoor photos end? Professor Sartore will show you how to use and effectively capture moonlight, starlight, urban lights, and more.

Hone your skills with a master photographer.

Professor Sartore is a rare and delightful photography instructor because he is an excellent mentor as well as a talented artist. A teacher of the highest caliber, he knows how to share his knowledge and creative process with other photographers in a clear and engaging manner. He makes photography exciting. He doesn’t shy away from highlighting common mistakes and missteps even the most seasoned professionals can make from time to time, making this course valuable for photographers of all levels.

This visually dazzling course is an excellent opportunity to learn from this master photographer, whose photographs have earned him the Best Picture Award from National Geographic magazine and the Veolia Environment Award for wildlife photography.

Professor Sartore says good is what your mind imagines, but great is what reality gives you. To get great photos, you have to get out there in the field and look at the world with your eyes, prepared to overcome challenges and find the best story. Take better, richer photos with the help of the 24 lessons of Fundamentals of Photography II.

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