[Download Now] Chris Tate – Breakout Trading Systems

[Download Now] Chris Tate – Breakout Trading Systems

[Download Now] Chris Tate – Breakout Trading Systems

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[Download Now] Chris Tate – Breakout Trading Systems


Chris Tate – Breakout Trading Systems

Chris Tate – Breakout Trading Systems

One of the most profitable and widely used methods is the break-even trading system. You can catch the power part of the trend. You will learn how to: during this 1-day seminar.

These types of trades are recognised. Using programs such as Metastock, build a mechanical system that searches the market for breakouts. If you don’t use Metastock, each search is supplied in plain language so they can be adopted by any charting software. Comprehensive money management should be implemented. Professional traders use techniques to track their profitability.

There are 4 DVDs in the original case.

You can catch the power part of the trend.

The seminar will teach you how to do it.

  • Recognise these types of trades
  • Build a mechanical system that searches the market for breakouts
  • Implement comprehensive money management
  • Learn the techniques used by professional traders to track their profitability.

You will also receive 4 dvd’s of the course.

DVD 1 is about 72 minutes.

  • Breakouts defined
  • New high / low breakout system
  • Search codes amd logic
  • Position sizing – breakout

DVD 2 is 83 minutes.

  • Position sizing continued
  • Stop loss techniques
  • Building a trading system
  • New hig / low system summary

DVD 3 is 73 minutes.

  • Volatility systems
  • Volatility breakouts
  • Breakout search codes
  • Position sizing – volatility

DVD 4 is 84 minutes.

  • Pattern based systems
  • Pattern failure techniques
  • Position sizing – pattern based
  • Performance measures

RRP: $695

Chris Tate is the host.

The author of the best selling art of trading is Chris Tate. The standard reference works in their field. Chris has been a trader for over 15 years and has traded all instruments.

Chris uses a pragmatic, realistic and often brutally honest approach to trading. He likes to say that the markets are selfish if you have no money left.

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