L2ST – Traders Online Training Package

L2ST – Traders Online Training Package

L2ST – Traders Online Training Package

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Traders Online Training Package

The Complete Online Training Package has over 30 hours of training material.

New and updated!

The latest online seminar is now included. Kam Dhadwar presented it.

There is a bonus for L2ST NLP for traders.

L2ST Trade Execution and Trade Management with Order Flow Part 1 seminar is a bonus.

L2ST PRECISION Trade Execution and Trade Management with Order Flow Part 2 seminar is a bonus.

Here is what one of our clients had to say. You guys have changed so much that I can finally say that I have found my role in the market place. I would like to thank you for making your knowledge and market understanding available. With hard work and commitment, I can see that this is possible and that I have the power to change my life. Dean thanked you.

L2ST traders online training package

Some of the most unique methods for trading with Auction Market Theory, Volume Market Profile and Order Flow Trading Techniques are included in this coaching package.

You can view a sample from our L2ST Online Training Package below where Kam Dhadwar talks about DOM Analysis which is followed by a Live Trade taken using TT X Trader on the Emini S&P.

L2ST Live Trading Sample

The highlights of what you will learn in this online coaching programme.

Understand the market structure and market participants expected behavior. Auction market theory is applied to understand market participants expected behavior. Understanding the use of Market and Volume Profile will help you trade it. The MarketVolume Profile can be used to trade Intraday Day. The most powerful MarketVolume Profile Levels can be identified. Learning how to use value for trading. The Balanced and Imbalanced phases are highlighted. Developing value and trading with VWAP.

Learning the specific L2ST trade setup can identify high probability trading opportunities. Understand how to use Rejection and Acceptance for the best trade location and execution that will help reduce risk. Hidden and Regular Divergence can be used to identify and trade Divergences using the volume breakdown. The market is getting ready for a reversal. Price and value relationship trading opportunities are highlighted by the Art of adaptive trading methodology. There is an understanding of Volume, Price and Value.

Understanding risk and reward potential in trades is important. Predefined maximum risk can be determined. Accepting risk in trading is important. The L2ST Risk Management Model can help identify position sizes that should be traded. Risk is highlighted before entering a trade. There is a potential reward before entering a trade. Volume Profile Levels can be used to increase profits.

Real time order flow and price transparency can be used to confirm trade setup.

Market Delta Footprints are understood.

The Depth of Market is read effectively. Pre and post Trade Supply and Demand can be used to confirm trades or ignore trades. Understand how to use and trade volume information. There is a way to interpret Developing Delta. There are two ways to trade Responsive trade and Initiated trade.

Effective Risk and Trade Management is important. Learn how to manage risk in open trades. Order Flow can be used to learn the discipline to cut and scratch trades. Understand how to scale in and out of trades to maximize profit potential.

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