Task Decomposition The “Magic Power of Goal Getters” – Tom O’Connor NLP

Task Decomposition The “Magic Power of Goal Getters” – Tom O’Connor NLP

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Tom O’Connor NLP – Task Decomposition The “Magic Power of Goal Getters”

Revealed: “The ‘Magic Power’ & Elite Productivity Strategy That Super-Achievers Use To Manifest Their Goals Up To 10X Times Faster With Greater Ease, Rock Solid Certainty `And Total Clarity…

Learning this magic power will create the foundation for ridiculous productivity, transform how you achieve your goals, remove uncertainty and doubt about how to achieve your goals, and retire for good excuses and stories as to why you can’t get what you want…

Dear reader.

I empathise with anyone who stands in the arena of success and works towards creating a greater life. Talented and hard working men and women who have the courage to shout out to life This is what I want! and I’m willing to work to get it.

They share the same frustrating pattern.

  • They want more
  • They are willing and often do work hard – to achieve their goals
  • They’ve frequently studied many personal development products and productivity systems such as GTD, RPM/OPA, Covey Planning system, Mission Control etc. in search of the elusive ‘edge’
  • They often have big dreams and several major life goals competing for the time

Here is the rub…

  • They can’t quite identify why they aren’t producing the level of success and results that they want
  • Why year after year they are facing the same problems and aren’t making real forward progress
  • They often feel like they are behind on their goals

Many people who share this pattern are in one of three places.

  • afraid and confused about how to go about achieving their goals (stuck)
  • overworked and on edge – feeling like they are in a constant “push, push, push” mode
  • overwhelmed and burnt out – where they’ve lost joy for the original goal and feel zapped and exhausted

It sucks. Many simply give up and settle for mediocre results.

It doesn’t need to be that way.

The reason they don’t make as much progress as they want is because. They only have a third of the strategy for how Super-Achievers produce results.

It goes like this.

Set some goals. Make them smart. Take action.

It may have been enough for producing some goals in the 1990’s, but how has it been working for you?

Today with so many demands on our time, so little free attention, increased complexity, and the need for a simple system for locking on to your goals withGPS targeted precision showing you the path to making them reality is what is needed.

It is a system that Super-Achievers have been using for decades, but no one has told you about it.

“Super-Achievers Are More Like Great Painters
Than Personal Development Guru’s”

People who make dents in their universe are more like great painters than most people realize.

They are respected for their success. The majority of their success is not down to luck.

Many common approaches to setting and achieving goals have been studied by them. Goal setting is smart. Big hairy audacious goals. Many followed the wheel of life approach to goal setting, where you write out tons of goals for each area of your life.

SMART goals can be not all that smart. How have your goals worked out for you?

It’s counter productive to have too many goals. You do not have. The focus should be on . You have a lot of goals that need attention.

Big and audacious goals can be great, but not tell you much about them. How? You are going to see it.

Michael_Breen Something more is needed.

Super-achievers have been aware of this for a long time.

The answer has something in common with it. There is a painting. It’s more about self- development.

Painters who create great works don’t draw a few lines, add some paint and think they’re done.

They don’t do Super-Achievers.

Super-achiever systems begin where goal and productivity systems stop. Setting the goal is just the beginning. Real magic happens.

Super-achievers change the resolution of their goals.

They move forward, back, up and down. Go in, go out. Change perspective. Their goals should be connected with other areas of their life. They think about the resources required for the goal. They figure out how to make something. Goal flow. The brain takes massive when the optimal set of actions are arranged in a precise configuration. It was effective. action

Most people are stopped by clear of doubt, confusion or uncertainty.

They do a lot of this. In. It is a very specific fashion. .

“Re-Imagine Your Goals, Bigger, Better, Easier.
Achieve Them Faster With Greater Ease And Confidence”

Super-achievers don’t just draw the goal out once. They re-imagine it many times.

By following a specific strategy, each goal has a picture of what needs to happen in order to get what they want.

The steps to achieve the goal become obvious when you hold your goal statement in a specific way.

Super-achievers can take once the goal map has been created. Highly focused and effective action.

  • They don’t need to will themselves in to action; because every element of the goal has been connected up with the super-achiever’s clear purpose. Action is clear. Automatic. Goal achievement becomes fun.
  • They don’t need to push near as hard because they’ve arranged their goal so its attainment is straight forward, the next action is always within reach.
  • The don’t feel overwhelmed because they aren’t trying to do a 1001 different things, they only need to do one thing, at any moment in time. And that thing is clear (because they are following their goal map.)
  • They can make better decisions , about what to do when, to get the very maximum leverage for any particular goal.

The process is known as. The task is decomposition. Their magic power for making goals becomes reality.

Most goal achievement and productivity systems don’t teach you how to land the plane or change careers in a step-by-step manner.

That is where Task Decomposition comes in. You can quickly come up with a system to take any goal, desire or aspiration you have in your life right now. A master plan. For making it happen.

There is an action-by-action map. Make your goals a reality.

We have put together what you will learn in this two day video workshop. There are five specific areas.

If you want to be a super achiever, you have to discover what they do differently.

It is time to get…

The mindset of people who excel.

Top goal achievers plan and act differently.

You will learn.

  • The big difference between super-achievers (folks who consistently create great results) and everyone else . Hint: It’s not found where you’ve been looking… TD_1
  • The 3 power phrases that top achievers live b y that call forth more success
  • The 3 super habits top achievers have conditioned up so they can get more of what they want
  • The 3 letter financial model that super-achievers use to think about which goals to cut and which to move forward on
  • The startling realisation of what stops people from enjoying more success and achieving their goals
  • The counter-intuitive strategy that super achievers use to take action that is the opposite of what many personal development gurus teach
  • The one mental shift toward goal achievement that can increase your goal success rate by a factor of 10X!

“The Real Secrets Behind How To Get
Disproportionate Rewards For Your Efforts”

Actions don’t create the same results. They are super-achievers. You can zoom out to zoom in. To start creating disproportionate rewards for their efforts, they need to do the number 1 action today.

You will discover:


      • The #1 rule top achievers live by when starting any goal or project by that builds momentum fast
      • Discover the force you are always fighting against when trying to make things happen and you need to do to overcome it.
      • The one strategy super-achievers use before they start any major goal. Use this strategy to save yourself countless hours, money and effort
      • The three questions you should ask if you see someone has something you want, that can rid you of a envy, help you achieve your goals in fraction of the time and make sure you really are happy when you’ve achieved them
      • Why being successful isn’t simply a matter of copying and what you need to consider instead if you want to achieve big results.
      • The simple 3 word phrase that can revolutionise how you think about your goals , so you can achieve your goals many times quicker with less stress, more ease and greater fulfillment
      • The two signs that let you know when you are on the right path and when it’s time to change the goal
      • The #1 things smart entrepreneurs & top achievers do when they don’t get the results that they want, that people who struggle and fail don’t
      • How The Secret may be holding you back and the right way to use the law of manifestation

You can call the shots there.

Next you will learn…

People who achieve goals. Fast.

How can you achieve your goals quicker and faster than before?

The person is removing. Everything. Only do that which is necessary and that is superfluous. In a word. be It’s not like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it It is hyper-effective. .

That is what you will learn here.


  • How to keep your brain really clear and on focus on what you need to do
  • The #1 thing super-successful people do when they pursue their goals
  • The best thing you can do to make progress on tricky or goals that seem to have got stuck
  • The right way to represent things so that your mind-and-body have crated an unstoppable bias for action
  • The key question every top achiever asks daily so they enjoy more success TD_3
  • Learn the visual way of specifying the goal that works like crazy
  • Discover the power that ‘video talk’, ‘transformation chunking’ and ‘creating flow’ have in getting you any or everything you want
  • Why you must get rid of ‘the shadows’ in your goals , if you want to slice weeks/months/years off the achievement of your goal
  • The one game rule that when you apply this everywhere to your to goals transform your rate of success almost overnight
  • Discover the magical power’ super-achievers use to transform their goals into a list of simple action to get what the want

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Task Decomposition The “Magic Power of Goal Getters” – Tom O’Connor NLP

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