[Download Now] Body Alchemy – Shredded Academy

[Download Now] Body Alchemy – Shredded Academy

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Body Alchemy – Shredded Academy1 Body Alchemy – Shredded Academy

It is possible to modify your physical fitness with just you.


A message from the program’s creator.

Adam Frater.

True fitness is not about being muscular. It is about performance. The strongest people have insane body control and strength. They have balance, power, and endurance.

This program is going to help you.

It will turn you into an athlete with the strength and control to move their bodies however they like, the endurance to do it longer, and all of the other characteristics of a fit athlete.

Your outer appearance will reflect it when you have this combination.

I am convinced!

There is a course description.

Let’s get straight to the point.

Why should you join the Shredded Academy?

This program is for a person who wants an athletic body. Thanks for your time, please go somewhere else if you want the bulky look. We are building functional bodies here.

What does that mean?

Functional fitness.

A functional body is built for performance.

You have strength and skill when you are functional.

The focus is on strength, power, mobility, and body control. Dynamic exercises and static movements can be combined to achieve a shredded body.

The structure of the workout.

The workouts start with a dynamic warm-up, followed by a 15 minute circuit of various exercises, followed by a burnout with reps and sets. A different muscle group is targeted each day. If you want to push yourself that extra mile, there is an extra credit portion.

Why Calisthenics?

I have been doing calisthenics for over 6 years. It is the most efficient way to transform your body. The program is mixed with your body weight. Ask the marines, ask professional athletes. They will tell you that training with weights is the way to go.

It is not necessary to spend money on a gym or exercise equipment. It’s not necessary to spend time pumping iron. Slowly reducing your mobility rep after rep is killing your joints.

You will be thrilled with the results of this calisthenics program if you give yourself 30 minutes per day.

You can experiment with your body.

Try something new.

Don’t try something that doesn’t work.

If you are interested, this program is for you.

  • you want to lean out and increase muscle definition
  • you want to expose your abs (6 pack gains)
  • you would like to learn new and cool ways to use your bodyweight to workout
  • you do not have a gym membership
  • you’re tired of your current routine

Week 1 sample format

The first day is about the chest and core.

The second day had legs.

The third day was back core.

Rest day 4.

The shoulder’s core was broken on Day 5.

The sixth day of Arms.

Mobility is optional on Day 7.

Warm up with some exercises. Extra credit is an option for the workout.

The exercises are stretched.

Warm up three exercises.

The workout lasts 15 minutes.

Burn out two exercises.

Extra credit is optional.

Warm up exercises.

The workout lasts 15 minutes.

Burn out two exercises.

Extra credit is optional.

Warm up exercises.

The workout lasts 15 minutes.

Burn out two exercises.

Extra credit is optional.

There are four Stretch exercises.

Warm up three exercises.

The workout lasts 15 minutes.

Abs are 3 exercises.

There are two exercises for burning calories.

Extra credit is optional.

Take it easy!


There are 20 exercises/Stretches.

Only body weight.

The program only works on weight. You won’t use a single weight.

You will need access to a pull-up bar for a while.

Here are some exercises from the program.

Pushups in and out.

The pushups are elevated.

There are pistol squats.

Rope climbers.

Your body can be transformed.

with The Shredded Academy.

  • Access to private Facebook community
  • Downloadable PDFs optimized for mobile
  • 24/7 Email Support for questions/help
  • 100 HD Exercises Tutorials
  • Weekly Emails with training tips
  • Eating Program/Guide
  • 24 Healthy Recipes
  • Plant Protein Guide

Real results.

Tyler K. is 8 weeks old.

I feel like I am in the best shape of my life after 8 weeks on the Shredded Academy program. I’ve seen calisthenics on social media, but I’ve never tried one like this. Adam’s program is well thought out and professional.

My goal was to lose some weight. Mission accomplished!

I gained a lot of strength and muscle definition.

I want to keep this healthy lifestyle going.

Proof Content

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