Metabolic Effect – Fix My Bones

Metabolic Effect – Fix My Bones

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Welcome to The Fix My Bones Program

This Metabolic Effect Fix My Bones program is a cutting-edge & science-based program specifically designed for helping people strengthen their bones. People that have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis will especially benefit from this program.

Conventional medicine primarily treats by managing disease symptoms, and this is especially true with osteopenia and osteoporosis. In fact, a medical doctor will usually only prescribe a bone drug (like Fosamax with the potential of both short-term and long-term negative side effects) and maybe recommend calcium and vitamin D. This treatment only slows down the progression of the disease, and has the very real potential of making the patient quality of life worse. Doctors rarely discuss a complete comprehensive approach for building bone. This Metabolic Effect Fix My Bones program will give just that, a comprehensive approach utilizing evidence-based lifestyle change that details mindset, nutrition, exercise, supplementation and labs specific for improving bone health.

Most doctors believe that bone loss cannot be reversed. The conventional thought is that it can only be slowed down, but this belief is primarily due to less than adequate treatment approach most often recommended. Most doctors think that if you do not create strong bones when you are young then you are fighting a losing battle with a diagnosis of osteopenia or osteoporosis. The advice to exercise more is good advice as long as bone building specifics are detailed for you. Unfortunately, doctors really are not sure what the best exercises are for bone. Did you know that some types of exercise can actually make your bones weaker?

Ask any woman or man after a diagnosis of ostoporosis or osteopenia about what their doctor prescribed and recommended for them. The answer is usually, “they told me to take this drug, exercise more, and take vitamin D and calcium.” This advice really could make things worse. Did you know that taking calcium without vitamin K could cause long-term health problems? Well, neither does your doctor. Comprehensive supplementation, eating specific foods for bone building, and very specific forms of exercise that stimulate your bones to get stronger are never discussed. For those who are dealing with weak bones or low bone density or just want to prevent this from happening as you age need a holistic approach that addressed underlying hormonal physiology and your specific lifestyle.

This Metabolic Effect Fix My Bones program is designed specifically for people who want and need to build better bones. It was designed by the entire Metabolic Effect team and uses proven techniques that have worked for thousands of our clients in the personal training environment as well as the clinic. This is the most complete bone building program available anywhere.

Here is what you’ll learn in the Metabolic Effect Fix My Bones Program:

  • 10 weeks of bone building coaching emails specific to female issues
  • Workout videos specifically for building bone
  • A bone building specific nutrition program
  • A bone building specific exercise program for all bone fitness levels
  • How to supplement with a complete bone building vitamin
  • Specific foods to eat that have been proven to improve bone health
  • Learn why and how bone responds to certain stimuli and how to target specific bone cells to improve strength
  • Learn specific tests that allow you to get a better assessment of bone health
  • Learn about hormonal balance for improving bone strength
  • And more…….

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