Peg Dawson – Smart But Scattered

Peg Dawson – Smart But Scattered

Peg Dawson – Smart But Scattered

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Peg Dawson – Smart But Scattered1 Peg Dawson – Smart But Scattered

  • Executive Skills
    • Underlying theory
    • Executive skills in the context of brain function and child development
  • Assessment of Executive Skills
    • Parent/teacher/student interviews
    • Behavior rating scales
    • Observations
    • Informal assessment
    • Formal assessment
  • Intervention Strategies
    • Environmental modifications to reduce the impact of weak executive skills
    • Teaching strategies to help children develop/improve executive functioning
    • Using incentives to help practice or use skills that are difficult
  • Keys to Effective Intervention Design
    • Match the child’s developmental level
    • Use the child’s innate drive for mastery and control
    • Begin with environmental modifications
    • Effortful tasks and ways to make them less difficult
    • Use incentives to augment instruction
    • Provide the minimum support necessary
    • Apply supports and interventions until the child achieves mastery or success
    • Gradually fade supports, supervision and incentives
  • Coaching: An Effective Strategy for Building Executive Skills
    • Description of 2-stage process
    • Coaching with younger children
    • Clinical case examples
    • Research studies supporting the efficacy of coaching


This is a description.

There are proven strategies to increase a child’s ability.

  • Get organized
  • Resist impulses
  • Stay focused
  • Use time wisely
  • Plan ahead
  • Manage emotions
  • Persist with tasks
  • Improve memory

Also. An Ed.D., NCSP. The co-author of the best-selling books is the leading expert in executive dysfunction assessment and intervention strategies. Children and adolescents have executive skills. 2nd Ed. Smart but scattered.

Children with deficient executive skills have trouble getting started on tasks, get distracted easily, lose papers or assignments, and forget to hand in homework. They put off work until the last minute, have no sense of time, and make careless mistakes. Teachers refer to their lockers and backpacks as black holes. Children who are considered chronic underachievers are at risk for academic failure as well as emotional and behavioral difficulties.

The co-author of the best-selling books is Dr. Dawson. Children and adolescents have executive skills. 2nd Ed. (Guilford, 2010) Smart but scattered. Executive skills are demonstrated in daily home and school activities with case examples and interactive discussion. Take home evidence-based strategies to help children and adolescents overcome executive skills weaknesses.

Strategies for task/environmental modifications, skill development through cognitive/behavioral techniques and creation of incentive systems are some of the tools that can be used to end this seminar recording. You will be able to give teachers and parents the means to improve.

  • organization
  • time management
  • impulse control
  • goal-directed persistence

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