Jimmy Pedro – Underground Grip Fighting Secrets

Jimmy Pedro – Underground Grip Fighting Secrets

Jimmy Pedro – Underground Grip Fighting Secrets

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Jimmy Pedro – Underground Grip Fighting Secrets



Jimmy Pedro and Dr. Rhadi Ferguson want to give you the ultimate grip fighting experience by providing you with the best, most information and most comprehensive gripping and grip fighting products on the planet. Only the only products that will give you a step-by-step systematic approach will make you more successful.

If you don’t find that you become a better grip fighter within 30 days, then we want you to do something. All the bonuses are free. For at least giving us a try, that will be our thank you gift. We will give you a full refund. Our Rock Solid 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is what it is.

You can not beat that. We know that our system works, so we are comfortable with that guarantee.

We want you to get this information and we want you to get it today, so we are going to do that.

You will be given a secret website and password so that you can access the videos which will allow you to:

Jimmy Pedro was the first and only US judoka to win the Korean Open. There are 3 videos from the competition of Pedro. You can see the information in the Underground Gripfighting Secrets in action at a high level competition, which is a valuable addition to the set.

We want you to watch this video first. After you have watched the series, listen to Jimmy and watch it again. You won’t see the same matches once you’ve been enlightened. You will not see the game the same way.

The meat of the series is Videos 2, 3, and 4 which offer various points from both Jimmy Pedro and Ferguson on not only gripping, but other aspects such as movement, body placement, and attacks from the gripping sequence. The series is worth it for the advanced competitor who wants to gain an advantage with gripping. The ability to learn from 2 different styles of judo gripping techniques from Pedro and Ferguson is another positive of these videos.

The inside look at Jimmy Pedro’s Judo Club can be seen in the Inside of Practice video. Newaza, Gripping, and Randori are segments of the video. This is a good look to see what the top athletes are doing, as well as to see what others are doing. This is an inside look at some of the drills I use in my classes.

Underground gripfighting secrets surpasses all other levels of gripping and grip fighting instruction. Pedro and Ferguson are both on the mat and in the weight room in the sixth video of Underground Gripfighting Secrets. There are a lot of drills that you can do on your own or with a partner. We show you how to grip, teach you how to grip, and train you to become a better gripper.

The video, the download, and the PDF of the presentation are bonuses.

The video will show you and explain to you where you need to invest your time and energy if you want to become a better judo player.

You can receive one-on-one coaching from Dr. Rhadi Ferguson. A presentation of this depth usually comes with a hefty price tag.

Underground Grip Fighting Secrets is thrown in as a bonus when you invest in it.

It is cheaper to fly to see Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi Ferguson at a seminar than it is to pay airfare, hotel and seminar rate. It’s a steal to be honest.

You are getting the videos so that you can download them to your phone. Another bonus!

The cost of these products and the bonus download is not what you will have to pay.

We want to give you a huge discount on these products because Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi Ferguson want you to excel in martial arts.

You can get everything for less than $150. There is a secret website with password protection that gives access to the 6 Videos of high-quality, information-rich, grip fighting instruction and the Ipod/Iphone downloads for these videos.

There is a video and a.PDF of the presentation, as well as an Ipod/Iphone Downloads. A value of $847,000.

The best and most comprehensive grip fighting information will be provided to you right now. The investment required for this program was made by Dr. Rhadi Ferguson. It took a long time for us to develop this skill of grip fighting.

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