[Download Now] Dave Lindahl – Apartment House Riches

[Download Now] Dave Lindahl – Apartment House Riches

[Download Now] Dave Lindahl – Apartment House Riches

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[Download Now] Dave Lindahl – Apartment House Riches


Dave Lindahl – Apartment House Riches

  • My “Kick-Butt, No-Holds-Barred, Never-Lost-In-Court, Got-to-Have” Lease. This by itself will put you above all other apartment investors, and is worth many times what you paid for this system! Pg 115
    • A absolute “must”…my 2-page rental application: It asks all the right questions, and weeds out the deadbeats, so you’re renting with confidence. Page 112.
    • The Six Rules of Tenancy: Explain these to your tenant at the time of application and watch the bad ones run for the hills!…Page 101.
    “[Using your strategy], I went from owning a condo with $64,000 in equity to a 7 unit apartment house. I had a $522 positive cash flow on the condo, but now I have a $2,500 positive monthly cash flow with the apartment house.
    The best part is, I did not take any cash out of my pocket. Thanks for all of your help as I went through this process… I had never done a 1031 exchange before, but it was a lot easier than I thought.”
    — Marlene Green, Jersey City, NJ
    • Pre-written letters to send tenants a “spanking” to keep them in line. (Most tenants follow the rules, but when they don’t…here’s the easy, effective answer.)
    • Train your tenants to mail you the rent…on time, every time! …pg 106
    • Do not EVER hand over the keys to an apartment until you get these 3 vital items. If you do…you’re screwed!… (ask me how I discovered this!) pg 105
    • Exactly how to choose a property management company…Page 107. This advice alone will make your apartments easier to manage than your single-family homes!
    • Four essential reports to keep you profitable, and keep paperwork to a manageable minimum. (Your only surprises should be good ones on your birthday.)
    • The most common financing techniques, and how to get them done successfully…Page 87
    • How to structure the four most common second mortgages and…which one works best …Page 83
    • Nine easy ways to reduce your expenses …allowing you to do fewer deals to make more money. Page 101.
    When You Decide to “Cash In Your Chips”
    and Sell Your Apartment, How To
    Maximize Your Profits:
    • The secret to finding the BEST real estate agent to sell your property…Page 140. (Agents are a dime-a-dozen; but the ones you’ll deal with will become a great source of deals to be handed to you.)
    • Take advantage of FREE nationwide advertising for your property…Page 142.
    • The 4 keys to selling an income property yourself (if you want to), so you can keep that sales commission in your pocket …Page 141.
    • How to sell your property for maximum dollars, so you can do fewer deals and make as much–or more–money…Page 138.
    • How to sell your apartments and defer those profit-sucking capital gains taxes, so you can use ALL your profits to BUY LARGER apartments. This is how your wealth can simply explode!…Chapter 10.
    Get the shortcuts from someone who’s been in the trenches of real estate investing, and who can show you step-by step how to experience that thrill of financial Easy Street…soon!
    Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what people just like you are saying…
    “Dave, I closed on a four family about to go into foreclosure. With structuring, only $2,000 down was needed; and the owner paid all closing costs… 3 of the 4 apartments were rented when I closed. Those 3 are generating exactly the mortgage and impounds. When I finish the 4th apartment rehab, the multi-family will generate $950 per month. And I found that with just a drive by.
    You and your course and phenomenal. Not just the how to buy multi-family but your insights into rehab and Landlording are nearly priceless. On every page and CD, you share a tremendous amount of in-depth knowledge that I don’t think I could ever have learned otherwise.”
    — Acer Colt, Hartford, CT
    Warning: ONLY Take Apartment Advice
    From Someone Who’s Made Millions From Them!
    Would you take medical advice from some loser who said:
    “Yeah, I went to medical school for one year, but I dropped out, because I know better…here, take this potion I made.”
    Yet those quacks are everywhere in real estate! They can’t point to successes of their own in some area, so they criticize it! They figure if they can’t make something work, then nobody can.
    I’ve never run a restaurant, so don’t take my advice on the right way to buy a side of beef. But I do currently own 33 apartment buildings, many of which are in tough neighborhoods, where the kids are born already looking like miniature Rambos.
    I therefore know a thing or two about the subject. Take your advice from a winner who can show you how to be successful…not from losers who give you 101 reasons why they can’t make something work.
    “So What Do I Get With This System?”
    Here’s all the power-packed information that you’ll get when you order my “Apartment House Riches” system:
    A 143-page Guidebook that will show you step-by-step how apartments will make you wealthy; the safer, faster way. You’ll discover how to find the deals, how to evaluate properties, keys to successful negotiations, writing offers that get accepted, managing your property for profits, using 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges to multiply your wealth, and how to eventually sell for maximum dollars.
    7 Audio CDs that you can plug into your car or home CD player and get a “classroom at home” teaching experience that will cement these concepts and amplify the techniques and coaching that I’m giving you.
    Apartment Analyzer Worksheet. Remember, buying an apartment building is similar to–but not precisely like–buying a single-family home. You must evaluate each deal in a particular way. If you use the same techniques as you do for single families, you WILL get burned. If you follow my Worksheet, you WILL know what you’re doing.
    Due Diligence Checklist. This is where you follow through and find out if everything the owner is telling you is true. Do the tenants pay what they say they pay? Are there any hidden, below market long-term leases? Who is the maintenance contract with? How much does he really pay for utilities?
    This Due Diligence Checklist is FIVE pages long. Everything is listed on these five pages. Check off the items and you’ve got a solid deal. Miss some of them because you don’t have my checklist and…well, put your hands together and pray!
    Another (older) real estate guru told me, with that “Listen, Son” tone of voice, that I’m leaving money on the table. He said I should be charging “at least fifteen Franklins” (fifteen $100 bills) for my system, and that he could easily do so.
    But I’m willing to bet that if I can make this affordable to a whole bunch of people for a whole lot less, then I’ll be able to help many more people achieve true wealth through apartment house investing.
    OK, OK, I’ll come clean with another reason why I’m lowballing the price of this system: I want to “rub it in” to the other gurus I hang out with, that my students will continue to beat the living, um, “daylights” out of their students, in terms of gaining wealth quickly!
    So, to help YOUR bank account (and MY ego), I’m offering “Apartment House Riches” for the very reasonable investment of just $995…But see below for how you can try my whole system out for a lousy $23.50 up front!

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Dave Lindahl – Apartment House Riches

Price : $995
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Sale Page : http://apartmenthouseprofitmachine.com/reviews/dave-lindahls-apartment-house-riches-review/#.WLkANTgfsyU

The complete system is an information-packed 143-page manual, with 7 audio CDs. Together, they explain exactly how I went from owning nothing but a rusty snow plow, and working 60 hours a week in my day job, to creating $9,700 in monthly spendable cash flow in twelve months.
This step-by-step guide makes it “connect-the-dots” simple for you to do the same. You won’t make the same mistakes I did. You keep more money in your pocket, because you’ll go into each deal knowing exactly where the hidden profits (& pitfalls) are.
You will learn it all, from the basics to cutting-edge stuff. Here’s a sample of what I cover:
• How apartments make you wealthy safer and faster (single-family is OK, but why not enjoy single-family profits on steroids!)
• My 4 experience-tested, absolute keys to successful apartment house ownership. Do these, and you’ll never look back! Page 6
• How to accurately determine what stage of the market cycle you’re in at any given time. Knowing this will allow you to adjust your buying and selling strategy. You won’t just increase your profits…you’ll turbo-charge them!…. Page 46
If You Aren’t Sure How To Find Good Apartments,
You’ve Come To The Right Place!
• What your three main objectives should be when buying apartments…Keep these in mind and you will become wealthy faster than you ever dreamed. Page 31
• 9 proven letters that I use over and over that get motivated sellers to call ME. What do you need to do? Simply change the names and let ’em rip!
• What it takes to have your city officials hand you sweet deals. Imagine making money and being “a pillar of your community” at the same time! Page 18.
• The classified ad that works like a magnet in any market…pg 21
• Identify the best stage of a market cycle to buy apartment buildings… and know with confidence when it’s time to sell. (Hint: It’s not when most people think!)….pg 45
• 11 reasons owners are motivated to sell. Sniff ’em out easily once you know where and how to find them…pg 13
• How to find the REALLY good deals. Page 11 (You better be able to tell the difference!)
• The 7 minute Apartment Analyzer Form. Just have your sixth-grade kid fill in the blanks, and you will know if you have a winning deal. Page 42
“Just thought you would like to know of my latest acquisition. Because of what I learned…I traded a single-family house in which I had a lot of equity for a 40-unit complex in Bakersfield.
I bought the property for $900,000. After just two years of holding it, it is now selling for $2.4 million. That’s a profit of almost 1.4 million dollars!! Best of all, I had a positive cash flow of $4,100 per month!
–Jim Anderson, Olin CA
• A 5-page Buyer’s Checklist to use as a guide. Don’t miss costly items that will leak away those precious profits…Page 57.
• Protect what you have by buying properties in the correct entities. It’s 100% legal, and makes the nosey ambulance-chaser attorneys go look for easier prey. In fact, do this right, and they won’t know you exist! It’s all in my 11th chapter.
If You’re Shaky About Negotiating,
My System Will Make You Look Forward To It…
• The secrets to writing offers that get accepted without haggling or working hard at it…pg 78. (Otherwise, why bother?)
• Five keys to successful negotiating….Page 69 (Learn the right ways, and you’ll actually look forward to negotiating!)
• A 4-part negotiating formula guaranteed to get you more deals…It puts more dollars right into your “Hip Pocket National Bank”…pg 76
• The 6 costly mistakes to avoid while negotiating…Page 72. (Nothing complicated, but you better know them!)
• The 4 methods that shrewd investors use to keep more money in their pockets at closing time…Page 85. (After the close of escrow, it’s too late!) These methods alone could finance your next dream vacation!
Now That You Own An Apartment,
Here’s How To Become A “Silent Investor”,
Hidden In The Background, Collecting Rent Checks…
• Magnify the profits by managing your properties the right way with ZERO tenant hassles. Page 106

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