Foundations of Financial Management 16th Edition by Stanley B. Block

Foundations of Financial Management 16th Edition by Stanley B. Block

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Editorial reviews of the 16th edition of Foundations of Financial Management.

About the Author

Dr. Danielsen is an Associate Professor at North Carolina State University where he teaches graduate and also the undergraduate corporate finance courses. Moreover his research interests focus on financial market efficiency, short sale constraints, market microstructure, and also the interaction of derivatives markets with spot markets. His research appears in the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, the Review of Financial Studies, Real Estate Economics, and also numerous other academic finance and also real estate journals. Dr. Danielsen received his PhD in financial economics from the University of Florida and also a Masters of Accounting from the University of Georgia. As a Certified Public Accountant he has provided financial consulting services to numerous multinational companies. Dr. Danielsen is also a committed environmentalist, hiker, and organic gardener.

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Foundations of Financial Management has built a loyal following due to its strong real-world emphasis, clear writing style! and step-by-step explanations that simplify difficult concepts.  The text focuses on the “nuts and bolts” of finance with clear and thorough treatment of concepts and applications.  In addition to completing the revisions, Block, Hirt, and Danielsen also revise all end of chapter problems and complete the solutions themselves. The authors know what works and what doesn’t work for students, and they have consistently maintained a product that is responsive to the demands of the marketplace.Ask anyone with a big book collection, and they’ll tell you moving them was the hardest part of the move. Take down a bookshelf and there’s often no less than four! Possibly up to eight, good Lord if it’s over ten, boxes of dense material. This is the single greatest argument for welcoming ebooks moreover! Abandoning print and having your PDF! On display instead doesn’t sound like such a bad idea while carrying book box number seven to the car.We are online store selling books, our store stocks over 500 thousand great books and also Audiobooks. We are a perfect place for those looking for the best books, audiobooks. Enjoy the book-buying experience with our reliable book storebuy online Foundations of Financial Management 16th Edition from

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